Everyone deserves fresh food

We Believe In Unlocking Human Potential

Chef’s mission is to reduce the cost of fresh food using robotics.

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Why Food?

Today, there's a lack of workers who want to work in foodservice at the wages being offered. The National Restaurant Association reported that in 2017, 37% of its members listed labor recruitment as their top challenge, up from 15% in 2015. This means long lines for you, food deserts with little fresh food, and inconsistent orders (aka not enough guacamole). We believe robots are the best solution to this problem.

How We Help

Our first product uses robotics and artifical intelligence to assemble food at a high throughput while increasing consistency and reducing costs.

Increase production volume

Staff lines with Chef so you always can exceed production estimates.

Cost savings

Chef can work multiple shifts, always shows up to work, doesn't get sick, and doesn't take breaks.

Do quick line changeovers

Chef is flexible robotic system not hard automation; you can changeover a line in 30 seconds.

Increase product consistency

Chef uses machine learning to ensure a consistent deposit, reducing food wastage.


What We Do

Flexible robotic automation

Our robots can mirror the flexibility of humans in high product mix applications. We can deposit almost any ingredient, at any portion, and at any placement.

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Easily Swappable Tools

This means quick line changeovers and menu changeovers for you. By simply changing a $5 tool in 30 seconds, you're ready for the next shift and your next seasonal menu.

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Integrates with your existing line

Our systems have an extremely small footprint and can fit within existing infrastructure without modification.

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Our Manifesto

Humans are incredible. We put a man on the moon. We discovered the structure of DNA and penicillin. We created art like The Starry Night and Les Demoiselles d'Avignon. We built cities and empires like Rome and Cairo. And even in the most desperate of times in war and peace, we are resilient. We show love and empathy towards each other. We are truly an extraordinary species and we've proven ourselves to be kings our home, our earth, our pale blue dot.


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