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We Believe In Unlocking Human Potential

Chef’s mission is to feed the world.

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Why Food?

Food touches us all and it's the basis of Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Today, there's a lack of workers who want to work in foodservice at the wages being offered. The National Restaurant Association reported that in 2017, 37% of its members listed labor recruitment as their top challenge, up from 15% in 2015. This means long lines for you, food deserts with little fresh food, and inconsistent orders (aka not enough guacamole).

How We Help

Our first product uses robotics and artifical intelligence to assemble food at a high throughput while increasing consistency and reducing costs.

Cost Savings

Chef reduces all encompassing costs for your line by over 60%

No More Lost Customers

We make sure portion sizes are right so customers keep coming back.

No More Excess Demand

Always make sure you have enough staff to meet lunch rush.

Pay for what you use

Chef charges for however many bowls it makes not for how many hours it works.


What We Do

Modular High Throughput Robotics

We take high throughput robotics you'd traditionally see in, say, the automotive industry and apply them in retail restaurants and in food processing / manufacturing facilites.

Our system is modular and customized to your space and your ingredients. That means you can change your ingredients and menu anytime you want.

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Connected with Your POS System

But we are a robotics company not an automation company. We're not trying to make 10 million of the same frozen pizza. Instead, we connect to your POS system (e.g., Toast or NCR), your order management software (e.g., OLO or Ordermark), or your delivery partner (e.g., Uber Eats or Doordash) and dynamically make one of the trillions of permutations of bowls that your end customer wants. We can also allow you to manually enter orders.

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Designed for delivery

Our system is desinged for back of house delivery lines and ghost kitchens. This means that our system is no bigger than your existing prep table and you can simply replace your online ordering line with Chef.

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Our Manifesto

Humans are incredible. We put a man on the moon. We discovered the structure of DNA and penicillin. We created art like The Starry Night and Les Demoiselles d'Avignon. We built cities and empires like Rome and Cairo. And even in the most desperate of times in war and peace, we are resilient. We show love and empathy towards each other. We are truly an extraordinary species and we've proven ourselves to be kings our home, our earth, our pale blue dot.


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